Labor and delivery?

I figured Id go into detail about my birthing experience here, because while pregnant, I searched the web far and wide for any and every kind of knowledge I needed for my future delivery. Warning this may get a little TMI, but any expecting mother, or person looking for advice is going to have to get over that real quick haha. 

At about 9am Sunday morning I woke up having what felt like mild period cramps, you know, the achy back and not so right stomach feeling. I figured it was just the normal aches and pains of pregnancy that I had been having for the last 9 months or so.  But when I went to use the bathroom for the millionth time I had realized I was bleeding. Yes from the nether regions…Which naturally freaked me out seeing as I hadnt had any in months, I called my doctor, and she told me it was normal. As long as I wasnt filling a pad, and if I started having contrations I should start timing them. Well im a first timer here thinking I dont know what the hell a contraction feels like. I asked her if these sporadic cramping like period pains were contractions? She said no. She was wrong…Very wrong. As the day progressed my cramps got stronger, and closer together but nothing I couldnt handle. Finally around 8pm I called her back and said that the cramps were worse, closer together, and the bleeding hadnt stopped. She told me to go to the L&D department at my hospital just to get checked out. Excited and nervous, me my fiance and my mother packed the hospital bags in the car, just incase and headed to the hospital. When we got there the nurse in triage asked me a million questions and hooked me up to a monitor. This monitor was able to track babies heart rate, mine and record any contractions I may have been having. And sure enough I was having contractions! I had told her that a few nights prior I had noticed I was leaking a tiny amount of clear fluid in the middle of the night. I was under the impression it was discharge, or perhaps pee seeing as us pregnant ladies are very good at keeping all that under control. Gross. So she had me undress from the waste down, and said she would check for dilation and if my water had broke. Sure as shit she looks up and nonchalantly says “yeah your water broke.” I hade that feeling where your heart feels like its tanking into your stomach. I knew that it had been a few days since I had the leaking which meant there could be an infection if gone to long uncared for. Luckly none of that! But apparently there was a small tear in the amniotic sac at the top, which caused the slow leak. FUN! With that said I was admitted to the hospital and we were there to stay! I wasnt sure if I was horrified or excited that this meant my baby would be here sooner than we thought. Mind you this was the night before my 39th week of pregnancy. 

Once admitted, we got into our delivery room and got the run down of what would happen in the hours to come. Since my water had “broken” god knows when, they said we could wait and see if labor progressed fast enough on its own, otherwise they would need to further break my water and induce me to keep any infection from starting. And thank the gods I was well on my way to having this baby fast enough on my own without needing any help. Contractions got much, MUCH stronger and while sitting in my hospital bed I felt a large pop and a gush of liquid…Little man was ready to get the show on the road lol. I changed into my hospital gown and played the waiting game of dilation. Finally I got to about 9cm dilated and 100% effaced and was ready to try the wonderful epidural. I always wanted to have a non-medicated birth, but let me just say, epidurals are the most fantastic thing ever created. It took the pain down dramatically, however I was still able to feel everything, and walk just no pain. Its a weird sensation but absolutely worth it. 

When the time came to push I was on my back and doing what the doctor told me to do, but when I started pushing my little mans heart rate would drop with each push, I was so scared for his health that it caused me to not push as hard as I could. Finally they had me lay on my left side, which seemed to counteract whatever was causing his heart rate to drop when I pushed. I wasnt complaining tho, trying to push a baby out of your vagina is surprisingly much easier at an angle. After a half an hour of pushing I felt a wave of relief, when the doctor and my family were cheering because I had just delivered this beautiful little boy. 

Personally, I feel like I had a very easy labor. Or maybe I have a high pain tolerance? Either way it was a pretty badass experience. I don’t know that I want more children, but I do know that I would do it a million times over to have my little man here. 


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